Online Self Care


The Self Care Portal allows an administrator to configure and administer the company’s mobile services through a web-based portal. A secure login enables the execution of various general account activities and product specific actions.

How does it work?

The Self Care Portal allows the administrator to:

  • Create user access profiles.
  • Add/edit/delete services.
  • Log and query support tickets.
  • View reports based on user profile for consolidated view/group view/Top 50 numbers dialled, etc.
  • Manage shared products (Voice Minutes, Internet Data, Messaging) across multiple users.
  • Manage user access to Business Data APNs.
  • Manage Billing Hierarchies.
  • Configure and maintain Split Billing arrangements.


  • Manage business related mobile spend effectively across the spectrum of employees.
  • Improve budgeting/forecasting of company’s mobile communications spend.
  • Retain control over month-on-month usage of Voice, Data and Messaging platforms.

Please contact Telkom Business Mobile for more information.


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