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Need data now? 6 easy ways to get it. Dial *180# and select bundle purchases Buy a data bundle through the My Telkom Mobile self service portal Buy All-Networks data bundles via FNB Online Banking Buy data bundles at Telkom Stores Buy All-Network data vouchers at these stores: Shoprite; Blue Label; Dunns; Glocell; Nashua; Virtual Payment Solutions and Onecell Pin-less vouchers



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How to purchase bundles?

Option 1 - Dial *180# and select Bundle Purchase. Under the Bundle Type option, select Data. Follow on screen to complete once-off;

Option 2 – Log in to My Telkom Mobile self service portal at and purchase a once-off data bundle.

Option 3 - PIN-less vouchers can also be purchased at

Option 4 - Find a store near you by visiting our stores page. Alternatively, you can buy PIN-based data vouchers at the following national chain stores: Shoprite, Blue Label, Dunns, Glocell, Edcon, Nashua, Virtual Payment Solutions and Onecell.

Data Modems
  • Huawei

    Huawei E173

    Includes Free Sim
    Downlink 7.2 Mbps
    Uplink 5.76 Mbps

    More Info
  • Huawei

    Huawei E367

    Includes Free Sim
    Downlink 21 Mbps
    Uplink 5.76 Mbps

    More Info



Terms and Conditions
  • Telkom Mobile's standard terms and conditions apply (full details at
  • RICA shall apply.
  • Definitions:
    • All networks” means an internet bundle that is available on Telkom Mobile’s network and MTN roaming.
    • Telkom Mobile” means a Telkom Mobile internet bundle that is available only on Telkom Mobile’s network. Subscribers will be required to check for coverage at
  • All networks internet bundles and Telkom Mobile internet bundles shall be available for purchase on PSB, PSM, PSB data promo and Telkom More prepaid tariff plans.
  • All networks internet bundles and Telkom Mobile internet bundles shall also be available for purchase as once-off or recurring bundles by existing and new postpaid and hybrid subscribers.
  • To purchase the All networks / Telkom Mobile bundles, dial *180# from your handset or from the USSD facility on your Telkom Mobile Connect dashboard and follow the bundle purchase menu prompts to finalise your purchase, or log onto the My Telkom Mobile self service portal ( to purchase the bundle.
  • Subscription to Telkom Mobile services is subject to Telkom Mobile 3G network coverage and network availability.
  • The service is a best-effort service and no guarantees are provided on availability or throughput.
  • All networks internet bundles and Telkom Mobile internet bundles will expire at the end of the next calendar month from the date of activation.
  • There is no limit to the number of all networks internet bundles and Telkom Mobile internet bundles that a subscriber can purchase in a month.
  • The out-of-bundle rate of R1.00 will apply.
  • SMS is enabled for normal usage, notification and balance enquiry.
  • Telkom Mobile LTE (Long Term Evolution) service is available on prepaid data plans.
  • No modems will be bundled with this offer and subscribers will have the freedom to use existing modems or buy a modem that suits their needs.
  • Telkom Mobile is not liable for any loss or damage to your property or equipment arising out of the provision, installation or maintenance and use of the service.
  • A compatible device is required to use Telkom Mobile services. The maximum speed that can be experienced by the subscriber is dependent on the speed specification of the device.
  • Telkom Mobile will not incur any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage as a result of any use, authorised or unauthorised, resulting from virus attacks, security vulnerabilities, and loss of information.
  • Telkom Mobile services support soft cell handover.
  • Prices include VAT. Normal voice services are enabled.
  • Prices are valid at date of print.
  • E&OE.

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