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8ta Data Android App FAQ's
1. What can the App do? 
A: The 8taData Android App is a tool that provides Prepaid and Postpaid 8ta customers with an easy to use, convenient portal to manage all their 8ta data needs. This includes checking your data bundle balances, redeeming airtime vouchers, purchasing data bundles and locating the nearest 8ta store – all from the convenience of your Android device. 
2. Who is the target clientele, is this only for 8ta Android users? 
A: This is aimed specifically at 8ta data customers only using an Android device. 
3. When will this App be available? 
A: It will be available on the Google Play Store as of 18 October 2012. 
4. Where can I download it from? 
A: Android customers can access it on the Android Play Store. 
5. What does the App cost? 
A:  The App can be downloaded free of charge. Please note that the using the App could consume data and new 8ta customers who do not have any 8ta data plans yet, will be charged out of bundle rates for the download of the App.
6. Does a customer need to register on the portal before downloading or using this App? 
A: No, registration is not required to use the App.  The App has the same functionality as the current on-net self-service portal found on the 8ta website. Functionality includes: view balances, redeem a voucher, purchase a bundles etc. 
7. Where can I find the App?
A:  The App can be found by searching for it on Google Play Store.  Search phrases that can be used are:  8ta, Telkom, data, voucher, bundle, redeem, purchase, internet, credit, airtime, balance and recharge.
8. What is the direct link to the App on the Google Play Store?
9. Do I need airtime to download the App? 
A:  Yes, you only need enough airtime to download the App on the device.  Please note that first-time users will need to have airtime loaded before they can download the App and this will be at out of bundle rates (R1 per MB).
10. What is the size of the App?
A: The App size is 2.63 MB.
11. Can I purchase airtime using my credit card? 
A: Yes, there is an option to purchase airtime online called ‘Get Airtime Online’. Users have the options of selecting either Eighttime.co.za or the 8ta.com Self-Service Credit Card facility.
12. Do I need to login to access my account?
A: No, a manual login is required.  The App identifies the user based on the MSISDN (SIM card).  This is why it is recommended that users activate the ‘Password Lock’ facility. Instructions can be found on the App under the Support menu item. 
13. Will I be able to view my Voice bundles and Voice balances?
A: No, not at this stage.  This feature will be looked at during the next phase of the App.  The App caters for all the data requirements. 
14. What is the store locator and how does it work?
A:  The store locator uses Layar which is an augmented reality application.  Layar (http://www.layar.com/what-is-layar/) needs access to the global positioning unit that is used by the device.  It will determine the location of the TDS/8ta Flagship in relation to the position of the device. The GPS unit of the device needs to be active. 
Important note for using the 8ta Android App:  The 8ta Data App requires that you be connected to the internet using an 8ta SIM card. If you are not using an 8ta SIM card, or are connecting through a Wi-Fi connection, then you will be unable to use the App to check your balance, redeem airtime vouchers or purchase data bundles.


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