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What is 8tamail?

We have teamed up with Microsoft to offer our data customers the Windows Live experience. With your 8tamail email address, you get access to email and all the other Windows Live services. Your 8tamail email address is your unique Windows Live ID. You can learn more about Windows Live services once you have logged in by following the links and menus provided.

How do I get 8tamail?

When you join us as a data customer, you can call the call centre on 081 180 and ask about your free email account. The agent will give you your email address and a password. Once you have your email address and password, visit to login for the first time. Enter your 8tamail email address in the space under "Windows Live ID" and your password in the "Password" field. To complete your registration, follow the on screen instructions and fill in the required information.

How do I check my balance?

If you are a Prepaid or budget customer check airtime credit, voice minutes, data bundles, validity period for bundles, unused credit and airtime window by:

  • Dialling 188 (IVR)
  • Dialling *188# (USSD)
  • Send a Blank SMS to 188
  • Logon to the online portal & click balance enquiry. 

How do I set up CLIP (Call Line Identity Presentation) and how much does it cost?

Contact Customer Care on 180. This service costs R 8.50.

How do I activate Call Forward?

This should be activated by default (to your voicemail inbox). If you would like to forward your calls to another number contact Customer Care on 180 and we will set it up for you. This service is charged according to your package rates.

How do I set up Call Waiting?

This should be activated by default. Please contact Customer Care on 180 if you are having problems.

How do I block certain calls?

Consult your cellphone manual to find out how to do this. Alternatively call Customer Care on 180 and we will assist you.

How do I place a caller on Call Hold?

This should be activated by default. If this is not the case contact Customer Care on 180 and we will assist you.

How do I transfer airtime?

To transfer airtime from Telkom Mobile to Telkom Mobile (to other Telkom Mobile simcards only), dial *180#.

How do I set up Itemised Billing?

Call customer care on 180 and we will help you set it up. This service costs R17.00 for Contract customers.

How do I make international calls?

If you are a Contract customer this service is activated by default. If you are a Prepaid customer call Customer Care on 180 and we will activate it.

How much do international calls cost?

Click here to view our International Rate Card.

How do I activate International Roaming?

Global roaming will be made available soon.

How much does International Roaming cost?

Logon to our website to see our global roaming rates

What number do I dial for Directory Enquiries?

Dial 110 from your cellphone. This service costs R2.50


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