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What do I need in order to use Telkom Mobile Voice or Data Services?

A handset that is enabled for web browsing, a laptop with embedded 2G/3G or a compatible 2G/3G modem and a subscription to one of Telkom Mobile's Voice or Data packages or bundles.

Will an Telkom Mobile SIM card work with any cellphone or modem?

Yes. Any GSM phone or modem will work with an Telkom Mobile SIM card. Some phones or modems may however be locked by certain network operators, which may prevent them from working on the Telkom Mobile network. Dashboards on certain data modems may also not work and will require that you manually set up an internet connection.

How do I port my number?

Call Customer Care on 081 180 to join now


Visit one of the following Telkom Direct Stores:

The Glen

South Coast Mall
The Bridge @ Greenacres
Festival Mall
N1 City
Canal Walk

For a quick and easy response, we will need the following information from you:

A CLI (Caller Line Identity) validation to ensure that the number being ported belongs to you
RICA documentation (see for more details.)

When can the port take place?
This can be requested during the following hours:
09h00 to 17h00 on Mondays to Fridays (Public holidays excluded)
09h00 to 13h00 on Saturdays (public holidays excluded)
22h30 to 23h30 on all days except public holidays if the port request is late.

If your port request is received in time on a particular day and the response from your current Service Provider is accepted, you should be able to port on the same day that the request is made. Ports can also be scheduled for up to 30 days from the date of the request.

So why delay? Make that change today!

What are Peak and Off-Peak Times?


Peak Times:         07:00 - 19:59   Mondays to Fridays

Off-Peak Times:    20:00 - 06:59   Weekdays, and 24 hours on Weekends and Public Holidays 

Topping up Airtime via Eight time

Step 1

  • Register “Eight Time” as a beneficiary on your internet banking website.
  • Insert the correct Telkom Mobile mobile number with no spaces (e.g. 0811002000) in the field that says:
    • “Description for beneficiary statement” (ABSA)
    • “Beneficiary reference” (Standard Bank)
    • “Beneficiary statement description” (Nedbank)
    • “Recipient reference” (FNB)

Select the correct beneficiary account below:

Buy 8ta airtime online via ABSAAccount Name: Eight Time
Account No: 4076534104
Branch Code: 632005

Buy 8ta airtime online via Standard BankAccount Name: Eight Time
Account No: 082890838
Branch Code: 05021442

Buy 8ta airtime online via NedbankAccount Name: Eight Time
Account No: 1091219583
Branch Code: 10911442

Buy 8ta airtime online via FNBAccount Name: Eight Time
Account No: 62278032851
Branch Code: 210114

Buy 8ta airtime online via ABSAPlease transact via ABSA.
Your recharge might take up to 48 hours.

Buy 8ta airtime online via ABSAPlease transact via ABSA.
Your recharge might take up to 48 hours.


Please Note:

*Only transact to your own bank, in order to avoid delays due to interbank fund transfers.
**Enter your mobile number correctly and in the correct field.  (No refunds for incorrect details.)
***Once you have completed Step 1 successfully, you don’t need to do it again.

Step 2

  • Minimum transaction amount: R21 (FNB minimum: R110)
  • Maximum transaction amount: R1000
  • You may do multiple transactions per day, as long as you use different amounts, e.g. R200, R500, R251, etc.
  • Do not transact with the same amount within 48 hours (2 days).  Duplicate transactions will cause your recharge to be delayed.
  • Please confirm the amount you want to EFT, before you press the “Pay” button.
  • Once you have purchased your prepaid airtime you will receive your Telkom Mobile top up direct to your SIM card within 10 minutes.


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