International Roaming

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With Telkom Mobile you'll never stay out of touch, no matter where you go!

But, before you pack your bags you'll need to apply for our international roaming facility.

To apply, please complete the application form, press "Save to PDF" and print it out. All you have to do then, is sign it and fax it to 088 012 311 3872 or e-mail it to
We'll take it from there.

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Note that you might be requested to pay a deposit

What are the rates?

To work out the cost of international roaming call, use our handy guide below. Start by telling us from which country you'll be making your international calls.

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How To Apply For International Roaming

To apply for international roaming, please complete the application form below and press "Save to PDF". This will generate a PDF form that you'll need to print out. Sign it and fax it to 088 012 311 3872 or e-mail it to Your application will then be processed. If you are requested to pay a deposit, banking and other details will be sent to you in a SMS. You'll need to fax or e-mail your proof of deposit. If your application has been successful, you'll be sent a SMS letting you know that your service has been activated.

Please Note: All fields required

Customer details

International Calling

Is international calling required?

NOTE: Where only International Calling is required, the "No Roaming" option will be automatically selected in the International Roaming section.

International Roaming

Description of the Roaming options:
No Roaming: Subscriber shall not be able to access a foreign network for roaming.
SMS only Roaming: Where the subscriber has access to sending and receiving SMS only while abroad,
no incoming or outgoing voice calls, data or MMS permitted.
Voice & SMS Roaming: The subscriber is allowed to utilise all services while abroad, as permitted on the host network.
NOTE 1: Where Voice & SMS Roaming is selected, International Calling shall be provisioned by default.
NOTE 2: The use of data and associated services is dependent on the deployment of data services with roaming partner networks.

Acceptance & Agreement

The Subscriber may be required to pay a usage deposit for the activation of International Roaming and International Calling. Should International Roaming not be used by the Subscriber the aforesaid deposit will only be refunded on written request from the Subscriber;

The Subscriber understands that International Roaming is available only in countries as specified at

The Subscriber understands and accepts that International calls while roaming shall be billed on a per minute basis irrespective of the local package plan selected by the Subscriber;

Telkom Mobile enforced credit limits and/or Subscriber selected spend limits apply only in selected networks when abroad. Details at

The Subscriber understands and accepts that the rates applicable to International Calling shall be based upon the relevant exchange rates applicable, which may fluctuate from time to time;

Once provisioned, International Roaming shall be kept active on the Subscriber's profile
until a request is received from the Subscriber to de-activate the feature;

The responsibility remains with the Subscriber to ensure being familiar with the rates
applicable to each of his travels outside of the coverage offered by Telkom Mobile;

The Subscriber understands that International Network Operators can take up to 12 months to send Telkom Mobile records of the
services utilised (voice calls, SMS, MMS & Data), which will result in the billing of the roaming usage later than the actual billing period
when the trip was undertaken by the Subscriber;

The Subscriber shall remain responsible for all costs incurred while roaming, which include but are not limited to the making and
receiving of voice & video calls, the sending and receiving of SMS, the sending and receiving of MMS and the initiation and use
of data services sessions including CSD, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA & HSPA+.

Contact Details for Form Submission

Completed application forms must either be faxed or emailed at least 7 days prior to departure.
Fax: 088 012 311 3872





How long does it take for the service to be activated after I apply?

This service should be activated 2 days after submitting the application form

Is there a process or initiation fee to activate the service?

There is no process or initiation fee for activation.

How long is my roaming service valid for once activated?

There is no time limit for this service. Once activated, it will be active for the duration of your contract. Customers who want to de-activate this service will have to fill out the application form and request "no roaming" for the service to be de-activated.

What is the process of de-activating the service?

The customer would have to fill out the application form, indicate "No roaming" and fax or email the form to the email address or fax number indicated on the form.

What rates are applicable when I'm back in South Africa?

Your normal package rates will apply when back in South Africa.

How will I know if the service is activated?

An SMS will be sent to you to indicate that your service is activated.

When I want to make a call when roaming, what actually happens?

When you are roaming and you make a call, the operator in the visited country analyses the dialed number, and decides how best to route the call. If you are calling back home then the visited operator will connect the call back to your home country. Remember, when you call home or any other country, you have to type in the international access code and the correct country code along with the telephone number, omitting the leading zero. For example, to dial the UK mobile number 07903 XXX XXX from another country, you dial +44 7903 XXX XXX. If you are calling a landline, you may need to include an area code. If you are calling a local number in the visited country, the visited operator will usually connect the call directly to the party within the country you are in.

Is this different if I receive a call?

When someone calls you on your mobile, the call will usually be routed to your home country and your home operator. Your home operator knows where you are roaming, and will then forward the call to the operator whose network you are using in the visited country. The visited network will then connect the call to you. Note that when roaming you have to pay both for calls that you make and receive.

How do I get billed for making and receiving calls?

When you use your phone while roaming, both making and receiving calls, the visited operator will keep a record of your calls. It will send these records, along with the corresponding charges, to your home operator. Your home operator will aggregate these call charges, and reflect them in your next bill. All charges will appear in your home currency - your home operator will convert the foreign operator charges for you automatically. It can take some time for the call charges to be sent to your home operator by the visited operator.

How to make calls while roaming:

- To a South African fixed-line number: Dial the international prefix (+) or (00) followed by the SA country code (27), the city code (11) without the preceding zero, and the number. E.g.+27 11 xxx xxxx.
- To a South African cellphone that is in S.A. or anywhere else in the world: Dial the international prefix (+) or (00) followed by the SA country code (27), then cellphone number, but without the preceding zero. E.g. +27 81 xxx xxxx.
- To call a local landline number in your destination country, dial the local area code and number as you would if you were in South Africa.

Receiving calls while roaming:

Where ever you are internationally, local callers can contact you. If the caller is in South Africa, they need to dial your number normally but if they are also roaming, they have to dial (+) or 00 followed by the country code, area code and then the number while roaming. Calls will be routed through Telkom Mobile to your international location. The rate you will pay for incoming calls depends on the zone you are roaming in.
NB: Receiving a call while roaming is chargeable.

How to send an SMS while roaming:

To send an SMS to an international number: Type your message as normal and enter the number in the international format e.g. An SMS to SA would be +27 81 xxx xxxx
To send an SMS to a local number: Type your message as normal and enter the local number of the roaming country as is.

Do I get billed for calls that are unconditionally forwarded to voicemail?


Do I get billed for calls that are conditionally forwarded to voicemail?

Yes. You will get billed for calls to voicemail. Also note that you will be liable for charges associated to receiving a call as well as making a call when the call goes to voicemail. The charges for these calls will be based on the visited country.

How do I connect to the Internet while roaming?

Firstly, select to roam via Partners under the International Roaming settings and then change your APN name from Internet to 8ta.internet.

Contact Details

Support Contact Details
- Call centre: 180
- Website:
- Stores: Telkom Stores/Flagship Stores(nearest to your location)
- Email:
- Application e-mail address and fax number: / Fax number: 088 012 311 3872.



Country List

International Roaming Networks and Operators
Subscribers will be able to roam on the provided list of networks

International Roaming - Voice
Subscribers will be able to make and/or receive phone calls to the list of networks provided

International Roaming - SMS
Customers can send an SMS to all provided One Way countries. SMS and delivery notes can only be received from the list of networks provided.

International Roaming - BlackBerry Data*
Subscribers can roam on BlackBerry Data on the list of networks provided

Note: Internet Browsing on BlackBerry OS 6 devices is not fully functional due to the BlackBerry operating system error.

International Roaming - Data and MMS
Subscribers can currently roam on Data and MMS on the list of networks provided



International SMS

A flat rate of R1.50 is charged.
Please download the Telkom Mobile international SMS country list to ensure two way SMS is enabled, here.

For the International SMS FAQs click here and for the Terms and Conditions here




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